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  1. There are different types

It might sound obvious, but the wealth of options available when it comes to hair extensions – clip-ins, tapes and hot/cold bonds – means there is likely to be a style that particularly suits your preferences. I personally found tape extensions to be the most inconspicuous and easiest permanent option to look after, but do your own research first. As with all hair decisions, there are positives and negatives to each style. If you’re unsure, perhaps try clip-in extensions to begin with, as they are a great starting point for anyone looking for a temporary switch-up.


  1. They can look natural

When I first got my extensions, the biggest surprise was that people weren’t calling me out for getting them done (as I’d feared), but that they were actually shocked that they couldn’t tell I had them in (aside from the fact my hair had inexplicably grown overnight).

That all comes down to having high-quality hairpieces that have been cleverly positioned to blend in with your own locks. Perhaps the most important factor though, was the advice to focus on achieving body as well as length. That way, instead of getting super-long extensions that were obviously fake, the smaller, specifically placed hairpieces plumped up my hair and made it appear healthier and more voluminous in the process.


  1. Good extensions shouldn’t cause damage

In the past, I always assumed that if by some miracle I was able to get hair extensions that looked good I’d inevitably have to accept long-term hair damage as a compromise. Luckily, during my consultation – a must before committing to extensions – Bailey soothed this fear, explaining that “many conventional extensions will damage your hair and cheap hair extensions will ruin it 100 per cent of the time”. That’s why it’s important to do your research. “Not all brands and methods are created equally,” she added. “Your hair should look as good if not better than when you put them in; that’s when you know your hair is being protected.”


  1. You don’t need to spend hours in the salon

While extensions have always been an undeniably quicker fix than waiting for your hair to grow, they have a reputation for taking a long time to put in. In recent years though, application has become far speedier and more effective. Bailey stresses that “with technological advancements, we have found a way to make the application process fast and easy. Depending on the colour process required, most clients are in and out within an hour.” I was still cynical, but she was right: I hardly had to time to finish my magazine before I was whisked out the door with beautiful, swishable hair.


By Becki Murray