Known for the highest-grade quality hair, HairMiles is a mark of satisfaction and trust. A natural extension of your naturally beautiful hair! HairMiles hair extensions are exclusively 100% virgin Remy human hair. All the cuticles are intact so you can easily color and bleach the hair extensions, tangle-free! Experience a new dimension of beautiful, voluminous, and shiny hair. HairMiles is a statement of uplifting confidence. A chance to seize the moment, stand out at occasions, and project the right look.
Hailing from Dubai in the UAE, HairMiles celebrates a famous trait: healthy hair quality with wonderful volume.
With years of experience in PRIVATE LABELLING, our factory is well qualified and has proper capacity in helping client to start his own hair extensions brand according to his country demands & needs. 


Hairmiles Factory’s mission is to deliver exceptional hair solutions that cater to market trends by delivering outstanding products, through continuous innovation and consistently fulfilling and listening to our partners’ needs, providing them with premium quality hair extensions made from 100% Virgin Remy Hair. 


Our vision is to make Hairmiles the factory of choice, by offering premium quality hair extensions and maintaining the image it has developed over the years as a company of excellence while expanding its market worldwide. 

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