The newest arrival to the methods of hair extensions has proven itself as the best hair extension method according to countless specialists. It’s the most on-demand type worldwide. This type comprises safe-use and non-toxic polyurethane tapes that are 3-4 cm strips of 100% human hair. To install, the applier takes a strip of hair that […]


Derived from the Micro-ring extensions, the Nano-ring extension is one of the newer trends in hair thickening and a method received with popularity by salons worldwide. Also called Nano-tip or Nano bond extensions, this type is considered a long-term system that’s permanently applied. It’s renowned for offering a highly-concealed appearance. Just as it is for […]


Micro-ring hair extensions, or micro-bead and micro-loop extensions, are a perfect choice if the client is looking for a long-term hair lengthening solution. They’re considered a proper method for applying hair extensions without the need for glue, heat or chemicals. Considered a type that’s quick and easy to apply, these hair extensions entail using a […]


Keratin Hair Extensions are a type of micro-bonding extensions. Because this kind of extensions is extremely versatile, it can totally transform your appearance. Such extensions can be easily disguised and blends into numerous styles. The tips of these Keratin Hair Extensions are equipped with a keratin-based adhesive. When heated via an iron, this substance melts […]


Flip-On Hair Extensions are a revolutionary type of hidden, temporary and damage-free hair extension, famous for their prompt equipping and removal. This type’s international popularity is mostly due to not requiring any clipping, gluing or weaving. Thanks to a translucent wire that gets covered by one’s original hair, the extension will rest perfectly on the […]


Clip-in extensions offer people a quick hair-lengthening method that can be applied easily at home with no need for long-term bonding. They’re a great way to achieve a fuller, longer and thicker hair with minimal trouble, pain or damage and without any commitment to wearing extensions full-time. These extensions are easily affixed and can be […]