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    Hair extensions should only be applied to healthy hair because they are a cosmetic procedure. Hair must be at least 5 cm long, preferably 8 cm or longer for secure and undetectable attachments. Some medical issues may prevent a small percentage of clients from receiving extensions.

    You can be assured that Hairmiles Extensions have been scientifically proven not to cause damage to healthy hair when applied correctly and maintained properly. The application’s specifics hold the key to a successful, damage-free application. Due to the unique hair conditions and desired outcomes of each client, there is no “cookie-cutter,” “one size fits all” application technique.

    No, your stylist can use as few extensions as necessary to give you the desired look. In addition, hair extensions can be applied only in a particular location, such as the sides. There are countless options.

    The finest human hair is used to create Hairmiles extensions because it behaves and looks more naturally like your own hair. This implies that our hair extensions may be styled using heated equipment and can also have its color and texture professionally altered, just like your own hair. They are also appropriate for swimming and the majority of daily activities.

    All of the cuticles on Remy hair are parallel to one another from root to tip. The hair at HairMiles is all considered Remy. The hair is easier to maintain, less likely to knot, and mixes well, which are its key advantages.

    Your maintenance procedures will be quite similar because all Hairmiles hair extensions are produced from real hair. The only significant distinctions are that your hair may need to be washed less frequently, that it must always be dried after washing, and that it may require more frequent brushing. Always adhere to your stylist’s instructions.

    After having your extensions removed, you should wash and condition your hair to remove any removal gel or spray residue.

    There won’t be any harm if you’ve taken good care of your extensions, and you might even notice that your natural hair has grown more swiftly than usual.

    Yes, it can be colored or tonalized. Your stylist will be able to advise you on what is possible and what results you can expect to achieve.

    The hair falls naturally because the extensions are modulated. Please let your stylist know whether you like to have your hair tied up so that he can arrange your hair extensions so that they blend in with your tied hair.